Sport without limits

More options for disabled sports

Taking part in sport can be challenging for people with a physical or mental disability. For instance, the range of options may be limited. Or the right coaching isn’t available. Rabobank Foundation believes this must change.

Our projects are intended to develop sporting talent and remove obstacles. Allowing people with a disability to practice the sport that suits them.

More self-reliant through sport

Sport is good for your health but also has a positive impact on your personal development. People on our Sport without limits programme gain self-confidence, have more social contacts and participate more fully in society as a result.


  • Life Goals Foundation

    Everyone who takes regular part in sport, knows how good it makes you feel.

  • Johan Cruyff Foundation

    Many young people would like to play sport, but feel it’s not for them.


    In the Netherlands some 13,000 young people have a motor disability.

  • Special Olympics

    The Special Olympics is organising a special programme for the intellectually disabled in different sporting events.

  • Special Heroes

    Sporting opportunities for children in special needs education.