Johan Cruyff Foundation

Helps young people get ahead through exercise

Many young people would like to play sport, but feel it’s not for them. Because they may be battling chronic illnesses, impairments, behavioural difficulties or psychiatric problems. The Johan Cruyff Foundation enables them to get moving with its special Cruyff Courts and ‘School Playground14’ projects.

The Johan Cruyff Foundation’s mission is to help young people get ahead through sports and exercise. Through its sport and play projects, the Cruyff Foundation encourages young people with and without impairments to get moving. More and more neighbourhoods are reaping the benefits of public sporting areas set up by the Johan Cruyff Foundation. These ‘Cruyff Courts’ have also been built for care institutions, rehabilitation therapy units and schools for children with special needs, where they are specially adapted to meet the children’s wishes and requirements. These special Cruyff Courts offer children the opportunity to enjoy sports and games, boosting their self-confidence and helping them work together and develop their social skills.

Encouragement to exercise

But the Johan Cruyff Foundation doesn’t just build sports courts. It also develops existing facilities to make them more appealing. Many school playgrounds don’t encourage kids to exercise. A few cleverly positioned lines and blocks of colour are all that it takes to change that – suddenly there’s a goal on the wall, a play circle or a strip of athletics track. The Johan Cruyff Foundation makes these adjustments as part of its ‘ Schoolplein14’ (School Playground14) programme, which includes schools for children with special needs. After school hours, these playgrounds are open to all, so that children with special needs can mingle more easily with other children in the neighbourhood.

How Rabobank Foundation helps

The Johan Cruyff Foundation is dependent on donations. Rabobank Foundation donated to the organization for the period 2017-2020. Our donation will go towards building six new special Cruyff Courts and thirty ‘Schoolplein14’ projects at schools for special needs education. The local Rabobanks are actively involved in the projects, which benefit some 270,000 girls and boys annually.