Playing sport with a motor disability

In the Netherlands some 13,000 young people have a motor disability. Many of them do not play sport even though they would love to. NOC*NSF (The Dutch Olympic Committee*Dutch Sports Federation) wants to remove their biggest hurdles by setting up special sports days, and providing sport clubs with the right equipment and expertise.

NOC*NSF promotes Olympic and Paralympic sport at all levels in the Netherlands. And certainly for those young people who face mobility challenges as a result of accident, illness or a congenital condition. But how can they find out which sport suits them best if their local sport club has nothing on offer, not even the equipment they need? The new programme set up by NOC*NSF with support from Rabobank Foundation provides solutions.

Equipment on loan

NOC*NSF plans to organise ten multisport days a year. This will introduce 1,000 disabled under-18s to all kinds of sport, from wheelchair tennis and handcycling to racerunning and frame football. They can get advice about special equipment and try it out, or take an option to borrow the equipment. In addition NOC*NSF is helping 80 sport clubs improve their accessibility for young people with a motor disability.

How Rabobank Foundation helps

In 2016 we have provided a large donation to NOC*NSF to organize multisport days by 2020, to create a sports equipment storage depot, and to increase the number of sport clubs facilitating disabled sport. Rabobank employees have the opportunity to do voluntary work on this project, inspired by former Paralympic footballer Dennis Straatman (Rabobank Schiphol region).