Special Heroes

Sport stimulus grant for special education pupils

Tens of thousands of children in the Netherlands receive special education. These pupils often have a hard time taking part in regular social activities. The Special Heroes foundation is working to make that easier; for example, through sport.

The foundation targets a wide range of children: boys and girls between ages 6 and 18 with a disability, a chronic illness, a disorder or behavioural problems. Special Heroes goes to their school to introduce the pupils to a variety of sporting activities. Often, they do so in cooperation with sports clubs. Special Heroes has already visited more than 250 schools.

In-school and beyond

The fitness and sports programme of Special Heroes focuses on the physical and personal growth of pupils in special education. The programme starts with in-school sporting activities before following up with extramural activities. The foundation also offers pupils the opportunity to gain work experience at a sports club. This might serve as a stepping stone to the job market, which is notoriously difficult to access for people with disabilities. The Sport PA programme of Special Heroes gives pupils a platform for doing volunteer work as well as, for example, helping out in the organisation of sporting events.

How Rabobank Foundation is helping

The sport programme is a success and the aim is for schools to establish their own sport policies and plans after an introduction with Special Heroes. They need support to achieve that. Rabobank Foundation has been asked to assist in developing a sustainable future for Special Heroes and in rolling out the new Sport PA programme. Special Heroes was given a donation.