CareClowns put smiles on the faces of dementia sufferers

CareClowns help reduce the isolation and loneliness of elderly dementia sufferers and bring laughter into their lives. Thanks to the collaboration between Rabobank Foundation and CareClowns, facilities for the care of the elderly only need to pay half the normal price for a visit from the clowns.

A three-year collaboration agreement between Rabobank Foundation and CareClowns kicked off on 17 April 2013. Thanks to this collaboration, care homes for elderly Dutch citizens pay only half the normal price for one or more visits from CareClowns while the Foundation pays the rest.

Active involvement of dementia sufferers
Pierre van Hedel, managing director of Rabobank Foundation: "The number of older people with dementia will only increase as time goes by. Sufferers are prey to loneliness and social isolation. The CareClowns combine personal attention, games and music to get through to them. Their work truly reflects our own mission to help people play a full and dignified part in the society we all live in."

The power of a smile
CareClowns (a non-profit foundation) is for dementia sufferers what CliniClowns is for sick and disabled children: distraction, fun and the power of a smile. The clowns are professionally trained and are adept at making personal contact with elderly dementia sufferers. These moments of contact are not only very enjoyable, there are actually effective. After a visit from the clowns, the old people are much more approachable and cheerful. Their physical activity level increases, and the care home residents are more companionable towards each other than before. The entire atmosphere in the home improves, and the games offer care staff inspiration for new ways of making contact with their patients.

Video of a visit of the care clowns


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