Partnership with Woord en Daad Foundation continued

The partnership between Rabobank Foundation and Woord en Daad (Word and Deed) Foundation is being continued for a further three years. The partnership is aimed at supporting two farmers' cooperatives in Nicaragua and Zambia. Both foundations have been working together for several years. It is a partnership in which various local Rabobanks are also involved.

Both Foundations pursue the same objectives when it comes to agribusiness development. Pierre van Hedel: "The activities of the Woord en Daad Foundation are aimed- just like Rabobank Foundation's own activities – at the lower end of the chain: small farmers who are unable to evolve and progress without integrated support. Working together, we can pool our resources and our experience and that fits in neatly with the cooperative philosophy of Rabobank Foundation."

Working together, we join forces to the benefit of small farmers.

Pierre van Hedel, Managing Director Rabobank Foundation

The collaboration is aimed at two organisations: PAC in Nicaragua and Zambia Works in Zambia. The aim of the financial support is to strengthen those organisations and to develop various productive chains (e.g. cocoa, coffee, vegetables, rice). Training the farmers is an important element of the support. For its part, Woord en Daad is collaborating in these projects with its own implementing partner Incluvest, an investment company set up at the end of 2012 to help give agribusiness development a more specific focus.

To date, seven local Rabobanks have signed up to the new collaborative project. In the context of Rabobank Foundation's adoption programme, they have earmarked their annual contributions to be used for one of the Woord and Daad projects mentioned above. "We hope that closer links will come about between these local banks and their adopted project. And they can be sure that both Woord en Daad and Rabobank Foundation will give them any assistance they might need", Pierre van Hedel concluded.

Ondertekenen contract Woord en Daad

Signing of the official agreement by Pierre van Hedel (on the right), Managing Director of Rabobank Foundation, and Jan Lock, Director of Woord en Daad, on 24 April 2013.


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