Rabo Share4More launches relief drive Philippines

Share4More employee fund wants to provide aid to the people of the Philippines

The Rabo Share4More employee fund wants to provide aid to the people of the Philippines who have been badly affected by the recent typhoon. Employees will be able to transfer donations from today to account number NL65 RABO 0153 6803 50.

This is not the first time the employee fund has set up an additional relief drive in the wake of a disaster. There were similar drives after the earthquake in Haiti and the drought in the Horn of Africa. Share4More was itself actually a response to a natural disaster because it was established to provide assistance after the devastating tsunami of 2004.


Typhoon Haiyan destroyed large parts of the Philippines last week. Visayas is the worst affected region. And this is precisely the region where the Rabobank Foundation has been working in partnership with cooperatives of small farmers for fifteen years. A number of these cooperatives have been victims of Haiyan. Attempts are currently being made to get in touch with the employees and members in the region. It is, however, difficult to make contact and only limited information is available.


Rabobank Foundation’s partner organisations say there is primarily a need for support for reconstruction because the emergency relief organisations and government agencies are focussing more on direct relief aid. Rabobank employees can do their part for the reconstruction effort by making a donation to this Share4More drive.

The funds transferred to the special bank account number will be used for reconstruction projects in the disaster area. It is recommended that employees who would prefer to contribute towards direct relief aid such as food and tents make donations directly to the national giro number 555.

All employees and retirees (whether they are currently donors or not) of the Rabobank Group are welcome to donate to this Share4More drive. By way of exception, members and members councils will also be able to transfer a donation.

The results and the accountability of the drive will be announced in due course in RaboNieuws/Meeting point and in the Share4More newsletter.


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