Rabobank Foundation and Youth Cultural Fund: music, dance and theatre for every child

Nearly 400,000 children in the Netherlands are growing up in poverty. Their parents have no money for dance or music lessons, for junior theatre or a drawing club. Together with the Youth Cultural Fund, Rabobank Foundation wants to ensure that deprived children can still take music, drama, drawing or dancing lessons. To this end Rabobank Foundation has made €300,000 available. Thanks to this donation new funds can be set up in the Netherlands. Cooperation with local authorities and local Rabobanks plays a key role.

The first local fund to be set up with the aid of Rabobank Foundation is the Youth Cultural Fund in Arnhem. The foundation was presented with a start-up grant of €15.000 by Flip Juch, chairman of the board of directors of Rabobank Arnhem. This sum forms part of Rabobank Foundation’s three-year donation. The Youth Cultural Fund is emphatically seeking to cooperate with council authorities at a local level to also help make cultural activities accessible for younger deprived children. Rabobank, too, is a strong partner and can aid the Youth Cultural Fund in bolstering its local network.

Rabobank Foundation has been active for 40 years in helping deprived people in the Netherlands and overseas  to enhance their prospects of a better, economically independent life. Since this year we have taken poverty as our central theme and we are helping people in deprived circumstances on the road to greater socioeconomic independence. The work of the Youth Cultural Fund fits in very well with this. “As a result of Rabobank Foundation’s contribution, more than 800 children will be able to attend music or dance classes and the national agency gains funds to help realise its expansion plans. We’re enormously pleased about that,” says Bertien Minco, director of Youth Cultural Fund Netherlands.


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