(S)Cool on Wheels: pupils try sport in a wheelchair

During the sport clinic run by (S)Cool on Wheels, 220 pupils from 7 primary schools in the Ridderkerk area were able to find out for themselves how difficult it is to get around in a wheelchair.

(S)Cool on Wheels is a nation-wide information project for pupils in the last two years of primary school (ages 11 and 12). It deals - in an informal manner - with questions such as: What is a handicap?  How are you different from people without a handicap? What sports can you play with a handicap? And why is sport so important for people with a handicap? The underlying principle is that the children not only learn, but actually experience for themselves what it is like to live with a handicap. As part of this experience, they enthusiastically took part in short but energetic games of wheelchair basketball and wheelchair volleyball. They also had to navigate an obstacle course in a wheelchair. During the theoretical part at the end of the session, they could put their questions to the visiting teachers from (S)Cool on Wheels, all of whom had a physical disability.

Rabobank Foundation supports sports for the disabled
(S)Cool on Wheels is a nation-wide project run by the Fonds Gehandicaptensport (a fund supporting sports for the handicapped) in collaboration with the Dutch national federation for disabled sports, Gehandicaptensport Nederland. Rabobank Foundation, which champions sport for the disabled, provides financial support for the project. Projects such as (S)Cool on Wheels, Youth Sport Fund, Talentenplan for adapted cycling, horse riding, field hockey, and the collaboration with Special Olympics Nederland are all aimed at developing the talents of disabled athletes and removing the obstacles so that everyone can enjoy sport.

Introduction to disabled sports
(S)Cool on Wheels is a project through which both able-bodied and disabled children can find out about disabled sports in an informal manner.


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