The Geldkoffer (Moneybox) teaches youngsters how to handle money

A school survey carried out by the Nibud (Dutch National Institute for Budgetary Information) showed that secondary school pupils are already starting to borrow money from each other. This is a worrying situation, with a view to a future in which they will themselves be responsible for their finances.

Studies have shown that people who learn to handle money carefully in their youth have a lower risk of encountering financial problems in later life. For that reason, Nibud and Podium, experts in educative communication, have got together - with financial support from Rabobank Foundation and a number of other partners - to develop "De Geldkoffer" for pupils in secondary vocational education. This Geldkoffer was presented to Jacqueline Zuidweg, businesswoman of the year 2012, on Friday 2 November.

Youngsters are vulnerable, and susceptible to temptation. It is often difficult for pupils in secondary vocational education to understand the consequences of their actions. That is the reason why it is so important to invest time and effort into teaching these youngsters how to handle money, so that they will be better able to avoid debt problems in the future. The Geldkoffer for secondary school pupils provides various modules which each cover a different aspect of money and finance. The modules cover a range of subjects, from saving and planning for later, the cost of using a mobile phone, through to making electronic payments.


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