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On Tuesday 9 July, BNN (a broadcaster aimed at young adults) presented 12 young entrepreneurs during a show whose name translates as "What if you had it? Meet the GoGetters of 2013". GoGetters are young people, up to 35 years of age, who want to start their own business, despite having a physical disability that overshadows their life. Rabobank Foundation supports this initiative to the full and, alongside financial support, two of this year's winners will be able to depend on support and advice from two Rabobank mentors until July 2014.

Thanks to the offer of mentor support from various companies - such as PostNL, Alliander (a utilities company), Oracle (business software), Unlimited Magazine (lifestyle magazine for young people with a chronic illness or physical disability) and Rabobank Foundation - the Bart de Graaff Foundation, which organizes the award, can help 12 young people through the initial phases of starting up their own businesses. The intention is that after a year of mentoring, these GoGetters will be able to continue under their own steam without being dependent on others for financial support. 

Offering support
Via the Bart de Graaff Foundation, Rabobank Foundation is offering financial support to two GoGetters for the period from July 2013 to July 2014. In addition it has arranged that mentors from the Rabobank will provide them with practical help, encouraging and inspiring them to draw up a financially sound business plan and then put it into effect. Rabobank Foundation will help ensure that the two GoGetters have a solid basis on which to start their businesses.

Successful example
A successful venture of an earlier GoGetter is Unlimited Magazine, an initiative that we supported a few years ago. The young entrepreneur had a realistic and well thought-out  plan for a new monthly magazine, which would be written by young people with a chronic illness specifically for other young people in a similar situation. The business is growing and evolving well, and has already proved its added value in the marketplace. This year, the entrepreneur is herself going to act as mentor for a new GoGetter. 

Rabobank Foundation's world view
In these times of economic recession and a political coalition that is increasingly asking people to draw on their own strengths, in combination with reductions in many subsidy pathways, Rabobank Foundation feels it is important to expand the opportunities available to this group of disadvantaged young people in the Netherlands so that they have the opportunity to make full use of their talent and thus live their lives in their own way without being dependent on others. This view is shared by the Bart de Graaff Foundation and that is why Rabobank Foundation is pleased to support the GoGetters initiative. It is completely in line with our cooperative philosophy: "Stronger together".

You can check out all this year's GoGetters on the Bart de Graaff Foundation website.


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