University of Twente students visit Rabobank Indonesia

Students from the University of Twente, the Netherlands, led by Prof. Ad Pruyn, visited Rabobank Indonesia on July 8. The purpose of the visit was to learn about CSR programs conducted by Rabobank Indonesia and activities Rabobank Foundation in Indonesia. The group was welcomed by Director of Human Resources Ponky Pudijanto at the Learning and Development Center in Raden Saleh.

Rabobank Foundation Project Manager Stephen Widjaja presented a number of projects conducted together with savings and credit as well as producer cooperatives in West Java, Toraja, and Timor. The CSR activities performed by staff of Rabobank International Indonesia within the Learning is Fun program, presented by Head of Corporate and Marketing Communications Gilang Soepangkat, received many questions from participants of the University of Twente, who plan to launch a similar program in the Netherlands.


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