Leergeld Foundation, Youth Sport Fund and Youth Cultural Fund combine forces

The Leergeld Foundation, the Youth Sport Fund and the Youth Cultural Fund are teaming up. Thanks to the financial aid the three organisations receive from Rabobank Foundation, the trio will be able to help even more children currently growing up in poverty.

Thanks to a three-year donation by Rabobank Foundation to Leergeld Nederland, the number of local foundations can be increased substantially. Previously the Youth Sport Fund (YSF) and the Youth Cultural Fund (YCF) also received financial aid from Rabobank Foundation to boost their area of operations. The donation is aimed at giving underprivileged children the opportunity to take part in social, cultural and sporting activities organised through school and other bodies. Such children are prevented from participating due to their domestic financial circumstances, simply because there is no money available for parental contributions, excursions, school trips or after-school activities. In addition the Leergeld Foundation can contribute to the costs of buying a bicycle or personal computer.

Rabobank Foundation endorses the importance of children being able to participate fully in society regardless of their parents’ finances. “Child poverty is increasingly becoming a problem in the Netherlands. We are keen to offer these children a brighter outlook for the future with the help of our partners Leergeld Foundation, the Youth Sport Fund and the Youth Cultural Fund,” says Rianka Habraken, programme manager at Rabobank Foundation.

Rabobank Foundation aims to promote mutual cooperation between the aid organisations and has approached the Leergeld Foundation to join forces with YSF and YCF. “The charity sector in particular tends to be fragmented. As a cooperative organisation we try wherever possible to encourage foundations seeking to achieve what we perceive to be the same goals to work together,” Habraken explains. “Leergeld has been working together with the Youth Sport Fund and the Youth Cultural Fund in an increasing number of municipalities,” says Gaby van den Biggelaar, director of the national body Leergeld Nederland. “We’re all convinced that cooperation and coordination contributes to our shared aim of reaching out to as many children as possible and getting them involved. It’s wonderful that Rabobank Foundation acknowledges and supports this.”


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