Rabobank Tilburg and environs supports Indian cotton cooperative

Rabobank Tilburg and environs has adopted a Rabobank Foundation cotton project. Over the next three years the bank will be seeking to forge active links with ‘their’ cotton cooperative in India.

Kabini Organics Farmers’ Producer Company, a cooperative of 1300 cotton farmers, was set up with the help of Rabobank Foundation and others. The arrival of the cooperative has enabled the farmers to team up with one another to buy artificial fertilizer and to sell their cotton. Through the transition from conventional to organic production methods the farmers will be able to strengthen their market position and generate more income.

Rabobank Tilburg and area has recently embraced the project, linking up with it for a period of three years. During that time the bank will seek out initiatives to strengthen the ties between ‘Tilburg and environs’ and the cotton cooperative in Kote by, for example, sharing the cooperative, banking and agricultural know-how that the Rabobank organisation has built up over the years. Or by researching the possibilities of importing Indian cotton to the Tilburg region to create a new market for the cooperative.


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