Aflatoun is a Global Success

The Aflatoun foundation has won recognition as a successful and important initiative to promote children’s financial education. Aflatoun finished in 29th place in the NGO Top 500, ranking it as world leader in its area of expertise. For many years now Rabobank Foundation has been supporting its educational programme in various countries.

Financial affairs and children’s rights are themes seldom afforded much attention in educating children and young adults. With its lessons programme the Aflatoun foundation seeks to reach out to as many children as possible around the world. The foundation teaches and encourages children and young adults to discover and use their talents, to assert their rights and the rights of those around them, to play games and solve problems. Children learn to save, to draw up a budget and to set up social and financial enterprises of benefit to them, their families and their and their immediate surroundings. Aflatoun’s training is already being applied in more than 100 countries around the world, by more than two million children and youngsters. Almost a third of all the children who have taken part or are taking part in the lessons programme has begun saving or has started a small business.

Aflatoun, which takes a flame as its symbol, has fired the imagination of countless people and continues to spread. Rabobank, too, is pleased to support the foundation’s mission to offer as many children as possible access to financial education. A number of local Rabobanks have teamed up with the Rabobank Foundation to aid various programmes in Africa and Asia.


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