Food for thought in Almere

In late May Rabobank Almere organised an inspiring client get-together at an urban farm. Taking “Food for thought” as its theme, this culinary experience focused attention on the issue of world food security and the work of Rabobank Foundation.

Rabobank Almere is the first of the local Rabobanks to organise a local Food for Thought customer dinner along the line of the anniversary dinners hosted by Rabobank Foundation last November. Customers of the local bank enjoyed delicious dishes from Vietnam, Tanzania and Peru by top Dutch chefs according to recipes taken from the ROOTS cookbook compiled by the Foundation last year to mark its 40th anniversary. The theme of food security was the focus of the evening.

The Rabobank has a clear vision on the issue of world food security. During the culinary world tour, Berry Marttin, a member of the Rabobank Netherlands board, and Rabobank Foundation’s director Pierre van Hedel outlined their views on the availability, accessibility and quality of the world’s food and the role played by Rabobank and Rabobank Foundation in this regard over the last forty years. They were joined by Professor Arnold van Huis of Wageningen University, who gave a presentation on the latest developments in formulating a possible solution to the problem of scant global food resources, namely the consumption of insects. The guests were able to put theory into practice, sampling locusts, grasshoppers and other insects and seeing how they taste. For every locust eaten, €10 went to the Foundation – a fantastic idea! Alongside information on world affairs and insights on how to limit food waste at home, all the guests were given a copy of the ROOTS cookbook to take home.

By far the best customer event ever!

Nathal van Rijn, chairman of the board at Rabobank Almere

“After my experience last November during the celebrations to mark Rabobank Foundation’s 40th anniversary, I knew for sure: ‘This is something we have to do in Almere!’ The arrangement of the evening, which featured photographs showing the work that Rabobank Foundation does, dishes by top chefs and our Banking for Food mission, was aided by local entrepreneurs who helped prepare the food and supplied the ingredients. A local insect grower provided a special side dish and our staff served the guests.

The inspirational photographs and talk by Pierre van Hedel on the Rabobank Foundation’s work and Berry Marttin’s explication of the world food problem made a resounding impression on all our business associates. Many also expressed surprise: ‘does Rabobank really do all this as well?’ Customers were unanimous in saying they had enjoyed a very special evening. We regularly organise events for our key customers and business associates, but this dinner certainly left the biggest impression. One of the invited prospects was genuinely moved and promised to transfer his business to our bank immediately. It was my turn to be surprised: I have never previously experienced a response like that. My advice: let’s roll out this event on a wider scale within the organisation. After all, the concept is available ready-made from the Foundation and is a guaranteed success!”

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