Sustainable business

Entrepreneurs are at the centre of an ever-changing society. They must continuously innovate and make their businesses more sustainable – both economically and environmentally. Technological innovation, new competition, the energy and food transitions, the move towards circular entrepreneurship: these developments are both threats and opportunities. We offer business clients the assistance and inspiration they need to grow their business sustainably.

At Rabobank we believe in the power of cooperation. We offer our clients more than just money – we also provide deep industry knowledge and access to our network. We bring entrepreneurs together to innovate and make each other more sustainable. With our cooperative mentality, we look for solutions that benefit everyone.

We do this through our Circular Business Desk, CIRCO Track, the Rabo Innovation Prize and the Dutch Circular Business Challenge.

We offer an increasing range of sustainable financing solutions to companies seeking to do business sustainably. Sustainable products and services include the Dutch Rabo Groen Bank, investments in sustainable corporate bonds (green bonds), and Rabo Impact lending. We also help our customers in the Netherlands make their buildings more sustainable through the online platform and we work together with with sustainable building consultants from Energieke Regio.

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