Benefit for corporates

We offer companies a way to compensate their carbon footprint. First and foremost we believe it is important to reduce emissions. Many companies and businesses are already making progress in this area. In parallel, we can -and must- reduce the rate and peak of global warming with carbon negative initiatives.

Therefore we offer actual removal of carbon, so not promised removal and thus not an avoidance nor allowance. We do this in a traceable and transparent manner. By buying our voluntary credits you are not only financing the sequestration of carbon, but you also support the well-being of farmers in developing countries.

For you, agroforestry can result in:

  • more resilient supply of food and agri commodities;
  • higher quality food and agricultural products;
  • a stronger relationship with farmers living up to corporate sustainability activities;

We can also explore how you can reduce the carbon footprint (scope 3) within their your value chain with farmer (insetting) jointly.


Interested in submitting a project (idea)? Contact us:


  • You are a farmer, intermediary/cooperative/trader
  • The agroforestry project has not yet started or started within the last 5 years
  • Farmers have not yet monetized their carbon credits
  • Field coordinates / polygons coordinates are or can be recorded
  • Farmers/plots have less than 5 hectares
  • Land has not been deforested in the previous 5 years