Today over 50% of the soil on agricultural land around the world is degraded. We have been working with clients and partners like the World Wildlife Fund to promote best farming practices that can help restore and sustain the soil while increasing crop yields. Through Kickstart Earth we will scale up these and similar efforts around the world. By 2030, we aim to have 100% of our clients certified according to accepted sustainability certification schemes that include soil management practices. Via Rabobank Foundation we will intensify our activities to promote, facilitate and finance sustainable farming practices among smallholder farmers.

Partnership with UN Environment

Accelerating forest protection, reforestation and sustainable agriculture

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Getting more from the land

Thanks to new technology and smart data usage, farmers can produce more food on the same amount of land. Are we on the verge of a new green revolution?

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Kenyan farmers enthusiastic about soil scanner

Kenyan farmers are using soil scanners to gain valuable knowledge with which they can improve the quality of their harvest. Applying that knowledge remains a challenge.

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More Kickstart Earth

Anton Nigten: “We need to fertilize differently”

The way in which land is fertilized in the Netherlands is damaging to the soil quality, according to agricultural scientist Anton Nigten.

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Collaboration stimulates Brazilian farmer self-reliance

Rabobank Foundation and Confederation Sicredi to help small Brazilian farmers in making their production more sustainable.

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Doing more with less in Brazilian agriculture

To what extent can innovative systems combat deforestation? The WWF Brazil and Rabobank are exploring this challenge together with farmers.

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