A stable food chain requires improved coordination and closer collaboration within the food production chains is needed but is also complicated due to multiple stakeholders. Rabobank is committed to providing access to finance and markets, to improved succession management and to greater transparency and fair prices. We work together on a stable food chain for example by advising farmers around the world about setting up cooperatives, explore e.g. 'true pricing' to reinforce farmers’ position and offer succession management programmes.

The farmer is the first link in a stable food chain

A stable food chain is in everybody’s interest. But with so many separate links it’s hard to get a grip on pricing. Rabobank is committed to more transparency and fair prices.

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Giving dairy a boost

By helping dairy producers expand, the Glanbia MilkFlex fund has just received a major innovation award.

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More Kickstart Stability

Blockchain: Changing Interaction in the F&A Supply Chain

Blockchain would boost transparency and efficiency in the F&A supply change, contributing to stability.

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Waste reduction brings gains on all fronts

Food waste occurs throughout the chain. Investing in solutions means a lot for the economy, people and nature.

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