Loss and waste in the food chain is a big issue; 90 billion euros is lost in Europe every year, 60 billion at the production and distribution level and 30 billion on the consumer level. Investing in solutions brings both economic and environmental benefits. Every dollar an entrepreneur invests in food waste can yield 14 dollars and avoiding food waste is number 3 of the 100 most significant measures against climate change. To prevent waste and loss in the food chain, chain partners must join forces. Rabobank sees itself as a coordinator and a driver. We drive solutions on many fronts, from stimulating innovations to financial support for farmers to improve replanting, logistics and storage.

Waste reduction brings gains on all fronts

Food waste occurs throughout the chain. Investing in solutions means a lot for the economy, people and nature.

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Agri and Chem join forces to tackle mountains of waste

The fourth edition of “Agri meets Chemicals” focussed on reducing food waste and packaging material.

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More Kickstart Waste

Significant increase in insect production for animal feed

Protix produces insects for animal feed using food scraps from the agri sector. A company with promise and we are helping it to grow.

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Waste not, want not

A growing number of businesses are saving produce from the waste to create tasty snacks and drinks.

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