3. Our added value

Rabobank is working hard to regain the trust of our customers, members, employees, regulators and other parties. We want to bring our annual reporting more in line with our stakeholders’ expectations of corporate social responsibility, accountability and transparency.

That is why we have opted for 'integrated reporting' which highlights the value creation and impact of an organisation. Our annual report is not just a review of financial achievements. We also describe our non-financial achievements, as well as topics that are of strategic interest to the long-term success of the bank, or what is called the 'material themes'. We use the sustainability reporting guidelines from the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) as a benchmark.

This approach leads to two models: the value creation model and the materiality matrix. This chapter discusses the first model, and the following chapter the second model. The implementation of Rabobank's value creation model is based on the guidelines of the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC) framework.

Value creation model

With our value creation model we inform our stakeholders on the added value for our customers and society. For more info, watch the animation below.