Operating Systems and Browsers

We think it's important that the information on our website is clear and visible to everyone and that you can easily operate our site.

The pages of the Rabobank are developed with modern internet technology and work best with the following operating systems and browsers:

  • Windows 8 with most recent version Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome
  • Windows 7 with most recent version Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome
  • Windows Vista with Internet Explorer 9, latest version of Firefox or Chrome
  • Apple OS X 10.7 or later with Safari 6 or 7 latest version of Firefox or Chrome

It's common for browsers (like Internet Explorer) to be adjusted by plug-ins or extensions. In most cases, www.rabobank.com will continue to function normally. Sometimes it may happen that the plug-in or extension affects the functionality of the site. It is then recommended to use an alternative browser when you bank online.

Alternative operating systems and browsers

Some older and alternative operating systems and browsers may display pages not as intended and may be less safe. Also, some features may not be included in these operating systems and browsers. We recommend that you use a combination as shown above.

Cessation Support Windows XP

Microsoft stopped supporting Windows XP as of 8 April 2014. This means that the Windows XP operating system is no longer maintained. Therefore, we advise you to switch to another operating system to view our website.

As of April 8 Rabobank does not make further changes to any Windows XP-related problems in online banking.

For more information and advice check VeiligInternetten.nl.

Download latest browser version

You can download and install the latest browser version from http://europe.mozilla.org/nl, www.microsoft.com/ie, www.google.nl/chrome or www.apple.com/nl/safari.

Browser up-to-date

Browsers are often updated with more and better security techniques. So check regularly that you have the latest version of your browser. Consult the help function of your browser to check the version.

Operating system up-to-date

Make sure your operating system has the latest updates. For example, Microsoft gives you the option to keep Windows (automatically) up-to-date via http://windowsupdate.microsoft.com. For Apple, please visit www.apple.com.