Our mission and our values

The Rabobank Group’s mission is to serve the economic interests of our members and customers. The manner in which we seek to fulfil this mission is encapsulated in four core values: respect, integrity, professionalism and sustainability. These values essentially form the preconditions for our actions. The core values are included in the Code of Conduct that is endorsed by all employees.


The Rabobank Group works together on the basis of respect, appreciation and involvement.


The Rabobank Group seeks to be honest, sincere, prudent and reliable in all its actions.


The Rabobank Group serves its customers through the provision of high-quality knowledge and facilities. Its aim is to maintain high standards of quality – whenever possible by anticipating customers’ future needs – and to make its services available in an efficient manner.


The Rabobank Group is committed to contributing to the sustainable development of society in an economic, social and ecological sense. It fulfils this commitment through bodies such as the Rabobank Foundation. It is a fund of the entire Rabobank Group that assists underprivileged groups in the Netherlands and abroad with the goal of giving them the prospect of an independent existence. Rabo Development has been established with the aim of supporting the development of partner banks in emerging countries by providing human and financial resources.