The Local Member Rabobanks and their members and customers form the Rabobank Group’s cooperative core business. These banks operate at the heart of society and are involved, nearby and leading. Customers can formalise their involvement with their Local Member Rabobank by becoming members and participate in discussing and deciding their bank’s policy.

The Local Member Rabobanks are in turn members and shareholders of the umbrella cooperative Rabobank Nederland. Rabobank Nederland serves the Local Member Rabobanks and the group divisions. Rabobank Nederland provides market support to businesses, retail customers and private banking customers through activities including new product development.
The composition of the Rabobank Group is characterised by a strong interrelationship stemming from its cooperative roots. In addition to national and international subsidiaries, the Rabobank Group holds minority stakes in a number of companies. The Rabobank Group has operations in 47 countries, including the Netherlands, with 766 branch offices worldwide (excluding the Netherlands).

  • Local Member Rabobanks

    The Local Member Rabobanks and their customers constitute the cooperative core business of the Rabobank Group.

  • Rabobank Nederland

    At the hub of our extensive banking services in the Netherlands is Rabobank Nederland – a traditional co-operative that supports the Rabobank network locally in the Netherlands and abroad.

  • Rabobank International

    Internationally Rabobank is the link between agriculture and the food sector. We are active throughout the world and contribute internationally to sustainability.

  • Subsidiaries

    Rabobank extends its range of financial services through its network of subsidiaries. These subsidiaries and associates , who share Rabobanks commitment to serve the customer in their best interest are specialists in their fields.

  • Affiliated Companies

    The Rabobank network consists of an international community of members, partners and subsidiaries serving local customer needs – as well as participations in companies that share our values while complementing our services.