Rabobank Group

The Rabobank Group continually strives to improve corporate governance and internal control. The related aim is to create an open and transparent culture of accountability for the conducted policy and the exercised supervision. It is furthermore committed to staying in step with leading, internationally-applied standards.

Financial reporting

In light of the above commitment, the Rabobank Group has voluntarily set up its financial reporting in a manner comparable to the way companies located in the United States generally apply Sarbanes-Oxley 404.

The Rabobank Group believes internal control of the financial reporting improves the effectiveness of the financial reports and provides opportunities for identifying and solving any deficiencies at an earlier stage. This enhances the quality of the Rabobank Group’s financial reporting.

The Rabobank Group employs an extensive system of internal control measures in order to ensure that transactions are executed as they have been approved, that the financial reporting is correct and reliable and that the assets are monitored. The internal control framework for the organisation and the control of the Rabobank Group’s activities are based on the framework of the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission.

Risk management

The Rabobank Group is managed on the basis of its strategic premises and in line with them on the connection between risk, returns and capital. Requirements have been formulated by both the bank itself and De Nederlandsche Bank for the organisation and control of the Rabobank Group.

By virtue of the Dutch Financial Supervision Act and the underlying legislation and regulations of supervisors De Nederlandsche Bank and the Netherlands Authority for the Financial Markets, demands are placed on the organisation and control of the Rabobank Group. The Rabobank Group’s framework for the structure of the organisation and the control of the activities is formed by the legal regulations and regulations from the supervisors.

The Rabobank Group follows a prudent risk policy that is aimed at a moderate risk profile. An extensive system of limits and controls has been implemented within the Rabobank Group in order to manage the risks. The primary objective of the risk management is to protect the financial soundness and reputation of the Rabobank Group.

Mutual guarantee scheme

Various legal entities within the Rabobank Group form one whole through their mutual financial interconnection. This encompasses entities including the Local Member Rabobanks, Rabobank Nederland and the subsidiaries’ banking activities. There exists an internal relationship of liability among these legal entities as referred to in article 3:111 of the Dutch Financial Supervision Act. This relationship is established in a mutual guarantee scheme. This scheme means that, if one of the institutions participating in the scheme has insufficient funds to meet its obligations to its creditors, the other participants must supplement the funds of this institution in order to enable it to as yet fulfil these obligations. Pooling the financial strength of the mutual guarantee scheme participants in this way creates an extremely sound banking institution that inspires confidence among customers and investors.

Product Approval Committee

Rabobank seeks to develop and sell exclusively products and services that respond to the needs and wishes of its customers. Rabobank has instituted a Product Approval Committee with a view to fulfilling this objective. This committee tests new products both according to customers’ interests and other aspects such as duty of care, advice risk and reputation risk. In this way it tests products according to their quality and assesses whether the information the customer receives is comprehensible, balanced and comprehensive. It also evaluates the existing range of products in order to determine whether it continues to fulfil current requirements.

The product approval process is set up at the group level. There is a group framework in place that describes the Rabobank Group’s policies regarding the product approval process and focuses on safeguarding product quality. There are also standards that apply to both structuring and processing product approval and to the individual assessment of products within the group divisions. In this way Rabobank accepts its responsibility for the relationship with customers and the level of quality offered.

The Rabobank Group is defined as the group Rabobank Nederland forms with its members, the Local Member Rabobanks and group companies.

Rabobank Nederland
The legal name of Rabobank Nederland is: Coöperatieve Centrale Raiffeisen-Boerenleenbank B.A. It is registered with the Chamber of Commerce Midden Nederland under number 30.046.259 and has its registered office in Amsterdam. Information from the Trade Register of the Chamber of Commerce is available via www.kvk.nl.
Rabobank Nederland is one of the trade names of Coöperatieve Centrale Raiffeisen-Boerenleenbank B.A. Its other trade names are:

  • Rabobank International
  • Rabo Securities
  • Rabofacet

Subsidiaries and participating interests that form part of the Rabobank Group are:

Friesland Bank
Beursplein 1    
8911 BE Leeuwarden  
Tel: (058) 299 44 99 

Schretlen & Co
Apollo House – Apollolaan 15
1077 AB Amsterdam
Tel: +31 20 577 33 33

De Lage Landen
Vestdijk 51
P.O. Box 652
5600 AR Eindhoven
Tel: +31 40 233 99 11

Rabo Real Estate Group
Westerdorpsstraat 66
3871 AZ Hoevelaken
Tel: +31 33 253 91 11 

Handelsweg 2
3707 NH Zeist
Tel: +31 30 693 70 00 

Burgemeester de Hesselleplein 31
6411 CH Heerlen 

Rembrandt Fusies & Overnames
Koningslaan 34
1075 AD Amsterdam

Charlemont Place
Dublin 2
Tel: +353 1 418 40 00
Fax: +353 1 418 44 44

BGZ Bank
Bank Gospodarki Zywnosciowej S.A. (joint stock company)
Ul. Kasprzaka 10/16
01-211 Warsaw

A number of partner banks also form part of the Rabobank Group within the framework of Rabo Development, please refer to Rabo Development.