Helping customers conduct sustainable and clean business

The main items are green financing (EUR 2.4 billion), loans with state guarantee (EUR 1.2 billion), sustainable mortgages (EUR 0.8 billion) and sustainable project financing (EUR 0.8 billion).

Netherlands’ largest green energy financier


Rabobank is the largest green energy financier in the Netherlands and accounts for 43% of the total amount of all Dutch banks.
This is revealed in a May 2012 report presented by the Eerlijke Bankwijzer (Honest Bank Guide), which is an initiative of Oxfam Novib, Amnesty International, Friends of the Earth Netherlands, IKV Pax Christi and the Animal Protection Society. The eleven banks included in the study invested a combined total of more than 3.1 billion euros in sustainable electricity in 2010 and 2011. Of this amount, 1.2 billion euros was financed by Rabobank. All Rabobank investments – loans, project financing and private equity – are 100% investments in sustainably generated energy. The following forms of energy are defined as sustainably generated: energy from sun, wind and biomass from organic waste, geothermal energy and small-scale hydro energy. Rabobank also posted the sharpest rise in investments in sustainable energy generation of all the banks studied, with an increase of approximately 200 million euros compared to 2009.

Rabobank Flevoland Sustainability Desk


The Dutch Province of Flevoland generates the most sustainable energy of all the Dutch provinces. Rabobank Flevoland has a very large number of sustainable projects in its portfolio and as a result it decided to establish the Sustainability Desk that brings together all of Rabobank’s knowledge and green products, ranging from green investment funds to insurance. Entrepreneurs can consequently turn to the Sustainability Desk for comprehensive advice on more sustainable enterprise.

Managing Director of organic pesticides company De Groene Vlieg explains why he banks with Rabobank Flevoland.