'2016: Year of transition'

Presentation annual results 2016

What we stand for

Food & agri

Challenges in this sector demand innovative solutions. With our expertise and international network, we can help you to find those solutions.


We work for our clients. We connect people and share knowledge. That is the strength of a cooperative.


We want to realise a positive, social impact together with our clients. We focus on the global food security and empowering communities.

Products & solutions

Personal Banking

We are always ready to help you to manage your banking activities. Online or offline, with a personal touch that you’ve grown accustomed to with us.

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Corporate Banking

We serve entrepreneurs in the Netherlands and worldwide. We strive to serve our clients in a personal way and to understand their business thoroughly.

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Rabo Corporate Connect

In managing international business, information and timing are among the main ingredients for success. To support your ambitions, Rabo Corporate Connect enables you to get an insight into your financial position and the relevant market information.

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