Rabobank is represented in Malaysia with a Branch in Labuan and provides offshore financial services to our clients.

As one of the world's leading specialist in food and agribusiness banking, Rabobank provides customised banking and finance solutions to organisations involved in all stages of the food & agribusiness value chain.

Products & Services

Our office will be able to provide you the following financial services:

  • Non-Ringgit lending and loan syndications services
  • Ringgit and foreign currency denominated guarantees and bonds 
  • Treasury services like foreign currency deposits, foreign exchange & interest rate hedging products and structured derivatives
  • Mergers & Acquisition and Corporate Advisory services such as advising on the sale or acquisition of assets, advising on the issue structure and placement of equity and equity-linked instruments (IPOs, convertible debt, warrants, etc.)
  • RaboResearch Food & Agribusiness: our 90 food & agribusiness research analysts work in local teams, across the worldwide Rabobank network, providing our clients with tailored, indispensable research and news on the latest market developments. Contact your relationship manager for access to the latest Food & Agribusiness Research reports, maps, presentations and advisory services.

International Desk for Dutch international business clients

The International Desk Singapore, dedicated to serve Dutch international business clients in a.o. Malaysia, is located in Singapore. Click here for more information about the International Desk.


Rabobank Malaysia Labuan Branch

Office Address Level 11(C), Main Office Tower
Financial Park Labuan
Jalan Merdeka
87000 F.T. Labuan, Malaysia
Telephone (60) 87 451 128
Fax (60) 87 452 328