Since 1984 Rabobank’s Antwerp Branch forms an integral part of an extensive global network of Rabobank. Active in more than 40 countries, this network enables to take advantage of the availability of a wide range of products, expertise and execution power on a global level.

Rabobank creates value for its customers by:

  • delivering the best possible tailor made financial services, that suit the client’s need in an optimal way
  • providing continuity in its services, in accordance with the long term interests of the client
  • commitment to its customer and its environment, enabling the realisation of  ambitions 

Products & solutions

The Antwerp branch offers corporate banking in these and other sectors as well. We offer services in other areas where we can create mutual value by our expertise in our specialised sectors:

The above list of corporate banking products & solutions is based on local presence. Please note that a broader range of products & solutions are covered for your location via a regional approach. Click on the relevant product to see the contact details for more information.

In co-operation with our fully owned subsidiaries, Athlon Belgium (car lease) and De Lage Landen, Belgium (equipment leasing), we can also provide extensive and high quality leasing services.
Antwerp branch also facilitates transactions with clients of  Rabobank worldwide, including clients of Rabobank’s domestic member banks through a dedicated Dutch Desk.

International Desk for Dutch international business clients

The International Desk Belgium & Luxembourg, dedicated to serve Dutch international business clients in Belgium, is located in Antwerp. Click here for more information about the International Desk Belgium & Luxembourg.