Corporate Banking product offering

Rabobank offers clients a range of wholesale/corporate banking products and solutions. These products and solutions include:

The above list of products & solutions is based on local presence. Please note that a broader range of products & services are covered for your location via a regional approach. Click on the relevant product to see the contact details for more information.

RaboDirect Germany

With its direct banking service RaboDirect, the Rabobank Frankfurt is a part of the cooperative Rabobank Group. This origin as a cooperative, who operates all over Germany, sets RaboDirect Germany apart from their competitors. Since 2012, it offers their customers straightforward and transparent savings products.

Customers placing their funds at RaboDirect do not simply save money. They also promote future-oriented projects that serve the common good. „We are well aware of our cooperative origin and the responsibility in relation to the people and the environment that results from it“, emphasizes Klaus Vehns, the General Manager of RaboDirect. 

The focus of the promotions is not restricted to the local, regional or federal level, it goes far beyond the national borders. As an example, investments are made into training programmes that help farmers in third-world countries to work more profitably and lower their resource consumption, as well as allowing them to certify their goods according to internationally valid norms.

“Many of our customers are interested in knowing what happens with their money. They appreciate that a part of it is used to promote eco-social projects that serve the common good and are significant for safeguarding the society’s future“, Klaus Vehns outlines it.

International Desk for Dutch international business clients

Germany is and will remain by far the Netherlands’ most important trading partner. Thousands of Dutch businesses export to Germany, use German suppliers or have offices in the country.

International Desk in Frankfurt

Rabobank has more than 500 staff in Germany. The International Desk in Frankfurt provides services especially for Dutch businesses. Desk Manager Koen de Meurichy and his team speak German and Dutch.

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RaboDirect Germany

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