As one of the oldest branches in the Rabobank International network, the London Branch is uniquely tuned to the important role played by the City of London in the global economy and strategically aligned to represent Rabobank in one of the world’s most dynamic financial centres.

The London Branch offers a full range of products and services to support customer needs in the areas of corporate banking, corporate finance and global financial markets. 

With a unique, knowledge-driven and customer focused strategy supported by unrivaled financial strength, Rabobank London Branch is in a singular position to deliver value in the form of sophisticated and often individually tailored financial products and services for its customers. Clients in Food & Agri (F&A), financial services and other financial sectors can rely on Rabobank as their trusted partner, with the confidence that Rabobank-designed financial solutions and advice are supported by top quality research, a commitment to building long term relationships and a unique insight into the customer’s tactical and strategic priorities.

London Branch Businesses

Global Financial Markets (GFM) is the organisational umbrella housing all of Rabobank International's activities relating to Financial Markets. Its core activities include Trading, Origination & Sales, Structuring, Portfolio Management and Equity & Fund Derivatives.

GFM’s main purpose is to provide innovative and professional financial products (including Credit & Debt Derivatives, Eurobonds, Syndicated Loans, Foreign Exchange as well as other financial instruments) to enable clients to achieve their financial aims both through Rabobank's core F&A businesses as well as other key business areas such as commodities and securitisation.

Relationship Management & Corporate Finance is the London Branch corporate banking business. It has four distinct products and services:

  • Relationship Management is responsible for initiating and developing client contacts in primarily the F&A market sectors and providing the link between product groups and customers (mainly focused on lending). The major benefits to Rabobank are developing industry awareness in the F&A market and providing opportunities for cross-selling.
  • Corporate Finance includes Rabobank’s specialist Leveraged Finance and Structured Finance operations across Europe.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions provide advisory services and identify opportunities to assist customers in the F&A markets across Europe in developing their businesses.
  • Trade & Commodity Finance focuses on the financing of commodities, combining Relationship Management and Trade Finance product expertise. There are three main sectors – Agri Commodities, Energy and Metals & Minerals.

International Desk for Dutch international business clients

The Netherlands has a long-standing, close business relationship with the United Kingdom (UK). Brexit or no Brexit, the UK will remain a very attractive market for Dutch businesses.

International Desk in London

Rabobank has almost 600 staff in the United Kingdom. The International Desk in London provides services especially for Dutch businesses. Desk Manager Dennis van Vugt and his team can support you with their knowledge of the British market.


Rabobank International UK

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