Wout Dekker succeeds Lense Koopmans as Chairman of the Supervisory Board

Lense Koopmans (70) handed over the chairman’s hammer to his successor Wout Dekker (56) at the General Meeting of Rabobank Nederland. In 2002, Koopmans was the main architect of the current corporate governance structure of Rabobank Nederland.

Koopmans emphasised at the meeting that in Wout Dekker Rabobank has found an outstanding new Chairman of the Supervisory Board from within its own ranks. Dekker has served as a Member of the Supervisory Board since 2010. At the farewell ceremony, Koopmans was presented with a painted portrait* that will hang in the Rabobank hall of fame.

Appointment and reappointment of Supervisory Directors
According to the schedule for resignation by rotation, Lense Koopmans, Martin Tielen, Tom de Bruijn and Irene Asscher-Vonk resigned by rotation as Members of the Supervisory Board. Tielen was not available for a new term due to the maximum term of twelve years. Koopmans and De Bruijn were not available for reappointment. Asscher-Vonk was available for reappointment. The Appointment Committee concluded that her contribution to the Supervisory Board will continue to be vitally important in the years ahead as well. This is due in part to her extensive knowledge in the field of labour law and remuneration. The Works Council of Rabobank Nederland and the Confidential Committee from the General Members Council also provided positive recommendations. The General Meeting accordingly reappointed her to the position of Supervisory Director of Rabobank Nederland.

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* A photograph of the painted portrait of Lense Koopmans may be used rights-free stating the name of the artist: Jeannette Laros. See Downloads on the right of this page.