Changes to Rabobank Executive Board per 1 January 2016

Bas Brouwers will join Rabobank on 1 January 2016 as Chief Financial Officer (CFO). The regulators have given their approval for the appointment. From 1 January 2016 Wiebe Draijer, chairman of the Executive Board, will take on the role of Chief Risk Officer (CRO) ad interim.

Bert Bruggink, whose tasks as Chief Financial and Risk Officer (CFRO) are to be split, will step down as CFRO on 31 December 2015. He will continue to work for Rabobank in an advisory capacity to the Executive Board.
On 4 September 2015 Rabobank announced that Bas Brouwers and Carin Gorter would be appointed to the roles of CFO and CRO respectively, pending approval from the regulators. Carin Gorter has decided to withdraw as a candidate for the role of CRO. The selection process for the CRO position will therefore be continued.
Carin Gorter: "After careful consideration during the procedures I came to realise that there is insufficient match between the  profile of CRO at Rabobank and my own specific expertise. I then informed the Supervisory Board and the Executive Board of Rabobank and the regulators that I am withdrawing my candidacy."
Wout Dekker, chairman of the Rabobank Supervisory Board: "We are delighted that Bas Brouwers is joining Rabobank as CFO. The Supervisory Board was also looking forward to the appointment of Carin Gorter as CRO. Regulatory approval of her appointment was expected very soon. The Supervisory Board very much regrets that Carin Gorter has decided for her own reasons not to accept the role of CRO, but we respect her decision and wish her well in the future."

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