Rabobank aims to help its clients achieve their ambitions in and for a sustainable society. For that reason, we focus our own contribution to society on accelerating sustainable agriculture and food supply worldwide, and on strengthening the vitality of communities. By linking our financial services, expertise and relevant networks to the sustainable ambitions of all our clients, we can become sustainably successful together.

This page is a hub where content is brought together for journalists to share our latest news and knowledge, and to offer background information and materials on sustainability.

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  • 'Allies' fight against food waste

    As a business solution to the food waste problem, Bob Hutten founded De Verspillingsfabriek ('The Waste Factory'), which turns food waste such as unused tomatoes into soups and sauces.

  • Rabobank brings the circular economy to life

    Two new partnership initiatives: one on a global scale and the other in the Netherlands. Rabobank subsidiary DLL is also earning international recognition of its own for its circular activities.

  • Endless fun with PET

    Dutch chemical company Ioniqa has the solution to a global waste problem: recycling PET-plastic.

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