Discover the advantages of Rabo Corporate Connect

User experiences

CFO at a trade company:

“I am very pleased with the new portal. Because I can assemble my own dashboard, all information is relevant to me and helps me to run my business effectively. We run an international business, it is of great value that I can monitor all relevant markets, perform transactions, and monitor all positions and risks in one single sign on environment”.

Manager Treasury at an importer:

“We experienced a very smooth migration and are pleased with the new portal. It provides a clear overview on our financial position and an actual view on relevant FX rates. The possibility to directly execute FX transactions is of great use”

CFO at a production company:

“I was positively surprised with the features of Rabo Corporate Connect. It took me some time to adjust the dashboard to my exact needs, but now I can’t miss it anymore. I look forward to additional functionality such as online services and authorisations”.


Accurate insight into your financial position at a glance

An online corporate banking environment where the information on the financial position of your company is transparently clustered, supplemented by current market and sector information. This enables you to check the balance of your current accounts at a glance, or to check whether transactions have been accepted while you simultaneously keep an eye on foreign exchange rates.

‘As CFO, I log in 2 to 3 times a day. It is easy for me to check balances, authorise payments, perform transactions online directly and to monitor the GBP exchange rate.’

A personally customisable dashboard

You can adapt your dashboard by choosing the elements that match your financial needs. Whether you are preparing market research for your strategic planning, want to track a share index or exchange rate information or are looking for the contact details of your bank, you will find all this information on Rabo Corporate Connect.

‘Transparent, clearly visible and legible with information that is important to me.’

Log in once and perform transactions online immediately

You can effectively manage and perform national and international financial transactions on Rabo Corporate Connect. You log in once, after which you have immediate access to all functionalities.

Rabobank Corporate Connect allows you to do the following:

  • International payment transactions and liquidity management
    Rabo Corporate Connect offers direct access to Rabo Cash Management, with which you can efficiently manage your national and international payment transactions. You can also follow the balances of accounts and groups of accounts that are important to you in real-time.
  • Manage and immediately hedge currency and interest rate risks
    You can hedge your currency risks immediately via TransAct Valuta. On your personal dashboard, you can also follow the market value of your positions on a daily basis. 
  • View and use trade services    
    You can use Rabo eTrade to simply and swiftly issue international bank guarantees and manage your other documentary payment transactions.
  • Supplier Finance services
    With Rabo Corporate Connect, you have direct access to your Supplier Finance environment, with which you can directly manage your outbound cash flows to your suppliers.
  • And more…
    The platform is constantly being developed and services will be continually added in the period ahead.

Relevant information such as up-to-date share price and exchange rate price movements, extensive sector information and country information

Monitoring stock prices and foreign exchange rates is no problem at all. You can add the AEX share price table on your dashboard or follow the EUR/USD rate with a single mouse click or touch of your finger.

With Rabo Corporate Connect, you also have access to thousands of research reports, news items, sector forecasts and economic outlooks, written by analysts at Rabobank. Whether you are interested in a daily market update, information on doing business in India or Rabobank’s views on developments in the transport sector, Rabo Corporate Connect offers you customised information and knowledge on exactly those topics that are important to you.