Everyone in Europe will use the IBAN – short for ‘International Bank Account Number’.

The format of the IBAN

IBAN length can vary from country to country. The IBAN in the Netherlands has 18 alphanumerical positions. Your nine-digit account number will be converted automatically to the IBAN by Rabobank. You will find your IBAN on your account statement, in Rabo Internet Banking and in Rabo Cash Management.

The IBAN always ends with your Dutch account number. If that has fewer than ten digits, it will be preceded by leading zeros. The check digits are calculated on the basis of a specific algorithm and help to avoid typing errors.

What is BIC?

Every bank has a Bank Identification Code: BIC. Clients wishing to transfer funds to your IBAN must fill in Rabobank’s BIC: RABONL2U. Because Rabobank wants to make the switch to European payments as easy as possible, you will never have to enter a BIC with us to make a payment or create a direct debit order. We will automatically add the appropriate BIC for you. If required by your software package, you can of course include the BIC with your payment orders.

What does the IBAN mean for your accounting processes?

The IBAN means that you and your business contacts have to switch from the present account number to the IBAN. If you create payment orders in an accounting package, you have to convert the Dutch account numbers in your accounts payable or payroll records into IBAN. This can be done in a single procedure with the IBAN BIC Service, about which you will read more below. We also advise you to state your own IBAN and Rabobank’s BIC on your invoices and correspondence.

Where will you find a Dutch IBAN and BIC?

You can easily find out an IBAN by using the IBAN BIC Service. The IBAN BIC Service is supported by all Dutch banks and enables you to find the IBAN for Dutch account numbers. Account numbers can be converted to IBAN individually or in batches.

How to find a Dutch IBAN and BIC

  • Via 0900-4226 242 or 0900-IBAN BIC (local rate) 
  • Or: text account number to 4226 (IBAN)