Measures for our clients in The Netherlands


The corona crisis has a major impact on society and the economy. Companies in various sectors and our private customers are now facing financial challenges.

The Dutch government considers it important to help entrepreneurs and their employees through this difficult time. That is why she announced a number of measures for jobs and the economy mid-March. Rabobank supports these measures.

In addition, Rabobank, together with other banks, has compiled a supplement to the Cabinet package. This gives smaller companies, which are fundamentally healthy, the opportunity to apply to a maximum of six-month grace period on their current loans. The policy for deferral for repayment has also been adjusted for all our clients in SMEs and large corporates and agricultural primary companies, who have or expect a liquidity shortage due to the corona crisis, can make use of the extended Agricultural Guarantee Credit. We are working on further measures to support entrepreneurs.

Measures for private customers

Measures have also been taken for our private customers. A temporary extension of the cumulative limit for contactless payments without a PIN (from 50 euros to 100 euros) has also been introduced. And the transaction limit has been increased to 50 euros. So that our customers have to enter their PIN code less often, hand-to-hand contact is limited and the chance of infections spreading is reduced.

"It is important to join forces in difficult times. That is why we work together with government, regulators, other banks and business organizations to find solutions," says Wiebe Draijer. "We are also looking for possibilities for our private customers to help them get through this crisis. We will be reporting on this shortly. We are ready to help customers through the economic crisis as healthy as possible."