Food Security

Increasing global demand for food is placing great strains on the environment, on farmers and on the people who prepare and deliver our food. Growing demand stems from Africa and Asia, where Rabo Partnerships has a strong presence and ambition. When Rabobank imagines a better world it is one where the extra two billion mouths to feed in 2050 have access to a nutritious diet, produced in a sustainable way.

With our strategic partners Rabobank aims to change the way we grow, distribute and consume food. Our vision is to nourish everyone while respecting planetary boundaries and allowing agricultural entrepreneurs to make a decent living for their families. Rabo Partnerships has extensive knowledge and experience in making agricultural value chains more productive, more sustainable and more attractive to finance.

Working along the value chain, we support local farmer producer cooperatives to become more professional. We also assist Rabobank’s corporate clients to connect to these suppliers, improving green and sustainable sourcing of inputs. We view agribusiness as an ecosystem where all stakeholders need to be aligned. Thus, we emphasize blending public and private finance to ensure everyone’s food security for tomorrow.