the Rabo Canon

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This is the Rabo Canon.
In 17 stories - windows - we explain in words and pictures who we are, where we have come from and where we are headed. scroll omlaag

the idea

You can achieve more together than alone

'Helping people to help themselves'

Founding of the credit cooperative in Heddesdorf, Germany.

Providing customer

The Rabobank is a client cooperative

Members have a say and influence

1.9 million members, 106 local banks

Building strong

knowledge is priceless.'

'Rabobank people are farming people' Al Good

The 'Nearby Bank'

Building a
sustainable society

Providing support:
Rabobank Foundation

'Those who wish for a better life must become better organised' Father G. Van den Elsen

The added value of the cooperative

Providing a
sound basis

Our members keep us sharp

Local, independent banks with a central banking organisation

Saving gives