From Agroforestry to Carbon Credit

Our mission is to promote the well-being of local rural communities and support the increase of agroforestry projects in developing countries that support combating climate change, land degradation and food insecurity. In our first pilot we supported farmers in this transition with partners and sold the carbon removal units. By doing so we develop our proposition that aims to:

  1. Facilitate agroforestry projects among smallholder farmers that sequester carbon through the increase of biomass.
  2. Provide a global, transparent and technology-enabled trusted marketplace & ecosystem for carbon sequestration.
  3. Offer actual, not promised, removal of carbon; no avoidance, with transparency on when and where the carbon is sequestered.

To make small-size projects economically viable for individual smallholder farmers, we use accurate, scalable and transparent (remote sensing) technologies , including satellite imagery with partners. We aim that 90-95 % of the credit revenue goes to the farmer.


Interested in submitting a project (idea)? Contact us:


  • You are a farmer, intermediary/cooperative/trader
  • The agroforestry project has not yet started or started within the last 5 years
  • Farmers have not yet monetized their carbon credits
  • Field coordinates / polygons coordinates are or can be recorded
  • Farmers/plots have less than 5 hectares
  • Land has not been deforested in the previous 5 years