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It is our goal to adequately inform you, as a provider of wholesale funding and/or capital, about the creditworthiness and ESG profile of Rabobank. We focus on developing mutually beneficial relationships and make the difference by gaining your trust and building up goodwill through up-to-date, accurate, consistent and relevant information on Rabobank and its business environment in a timely and transparent way.

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Webcast FY 2023 results

February 8, 2pm CET

Webcast H1 2023 results

August 10, 2pm CET
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Webcast FY 2022 results

February 9, 2pm CET

Annual Results & Reports

CEO Stefaan Decraene and CFO Bas Brouwers explain more about the results achieved in 2023.

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All our results & reports

As a cooperative bank we want to contribute to society and to global transitions. We are ambitious, but we are not alone. Together with our customers, members and partners we join forces to support many social initiatives which make the Netherlands and the world stronger. Take a look at our global impact and all our other results and reports.

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Financial calendar

DatePublication or event

8 February 2024

Publication FY2023 results and webcast

7 March 2024

Annual Report 2023

7 March 2024

Pillar 3 Annual Report 2023

7 March 2024

Impact Report 2023

7 March 2024

Additional Sustainability & Tax Information Report 2023

Mid-May 2024

Pillar 3 Report Q1 2024

6 August 2024

Publication Interim 2024 results and webcast

6 August 2024

Interim Report 2024

Mid-August 2024

Pillar 3 Report Q2 2024

Mid-November 2024

Pillar 3 Report Q3 2024

Research reports

Our RaboResearch team publishes a wide range of reports and publications which might be relevant to investors and analysts. Rabobank devotes considerable energy to monitoring and understanding both the world of banking and the world beyond banking - because we know that financial, social and fundamental issues are very much connected. Our quality research resources are central to our success as a stable, consistent, knowledge-driven bank. Below we have highlighted our most recent Dutch housing market update as well as our Economic update. More reports can be found on the RaboResearch homepage.

Press centre

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