Rabobank is more than just a bank. First of all, we are a cooperative – that is what sets us apart from other banks. Cooperative banking allows us to exert a more positive influence on people and society. This is important because major challenges shape the world we live in. Challenges like climate change, but also growing social and financial inequality. With our partners and members, Rabobank wants to contribute to positive change and promotes a more sustainable, inclusive society where everyone can pursue their ambitions.

We now operate in 38 countries, with over 43,000 employees. In the Netherlands, we serve retail and corporate clients with a wide range of financial products and services. Across the world, we focus on entrepreneurs and companies in the food and agriculture sectors. The Rabobank Group also includes BPD, Obvion and DLL, with which we offer our clients housing and leasing solutions.

Rabobank in figures

38 countries
Where Rabobank has a presence
€ 74.2 billion
Loans to the Food & Agri sector worldwide
9.1 million
Customers in the Netherlands


As a cooperative bank founded by farmers, Rabobank is rooted in society. We want to make a substantial contribution to solving the global food challenge: feeding a growing population long into the future. We also work to foster well-being and prosperity in the Netherlands. In order to achieve these goals, we focus on supporting our clients, their communities and the world around them. We do this using our knowledge, networks and financial solutions.


Future-proof living, housing and business, with enough nutritious food for everyone: that is what we want to help facilitate. As a cooperative bank, we have integrated sustainability into our business operations. Through our inclusive approach, we aim to help clients and stakeholders gradually become more sustainable. To enable this, we use our financial solutions, knowledge and access to networks.

Managing Board

The Managing Board monitors the company’s targets, strategy and results. It is also responsible for compliance with all legislation and regulations, risk management and the financing of all activities. The Managing Board acts in the interests of the organization, its clients and employees in performing its duties. The Managing Board is accountable to the Supervisory Board and the General Members Council.

Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board oversees the policies pursued by the Managing Board and the general procedure at Rabobank and its affiliated entities. The Supervisory Board also monitors compliance with all applicable rules. The General Members Council appoints the members of the Supervisory Board. Any perceived conflict of interest must be avoided.

Subsidiaries and affiliated companies

Rabobank operates under multiple financial brands in different markets and countries. These brands complement each other and strengthen our offering to clients.

Key documents

Our key documents describe how we work at Rabobank. For example our Code of Conduct, Corporate Governance, Principles and Ethics in our daily business. Please find all these topics below.