Innovation at Rabobank

Making impact with innovation

Innovation is crucial to Rabobank. It helps us to achieve our mission of ‘Growing a better world together’. To improve the every-day life of our customers. And to create a substantial impact on the transitions in energy and food and inclusive society.

Rabobank is generating positive social change in the agri-food and energy sectors by doubling down on its commitment to innovation. Well worth a read @FinTech Magazine: How we create positive social change through innovation.

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New Technologies

Rabobank’s Tech Lab identifies emerging technologies and performs research and experimentation. Which trends await us and what is the impact of these trends on the society and our bank? You can now read all about it in the Technology Trend Report.

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Our way of working

At Rabobank, we chose to work with business-led Innovation. Working in close cooperation with our business with the innovation funnel as our guide.

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Innovating together

We believe in the power of innovating together. As a cooperative bank, we are always looking for partnerships. Together with start-ups and scale-ups, we work on solutions that are good for our customers & good for the world around us. There are many ways we can work together and give substance to a partnership.

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