Farmers in South America

Food System Transition

Our global food system is not future-proof. Although more and more initiatives are being launched to turn the tide, the way we produce and consume food is still, mostly, not fair, sustainable or healthy. Rabobank is one of the parties working on concrete solutions to help transform the current food system.


“We believe a future-proof system is based on responsible production, distribution and consumption of food, stimulated and supported by innovative and responsible financing.”

Food Loss & Waste

With the world’s population growing from eight to ten billion people by 2050, the looming question is how to feed everyone. According to Rabobank, an answer lies in reducing food loss & waste.

Rabobank is committed to combat food loss & waste. One of the ways we do this, is by providing capital to clients that have specific food loss & waste reduction targets. We furthermore organize the Food Waste Challenge to help the restaurant and catering industry in the Netherlands become more aware and feel empowered to act on food loss & waste reduction.

Two farmers inspect their crop.

Future of Food

With clients and partners at every link in the food value chain – from farm to fork – Rabobank is well positioned to play its part in, what we think, is the future of food.

Rabo Carbon Bank

We accelerate sustainable food production with initiatives that reduce and remove carbon emissions from the atmosphere. Together with farmers & landowners, with corporates, consumers and small businesses. Think of peatlands, trees for farmers and our Acorn projects.

From farm to fork

Rabobank wants to empower all actors in the value chain, from farm to fork. In doing so we aim to create an inclusive and sustainable food system, with specific attention for smallholder farmers.

By accelerating rural development on various levels, Rabobank aims to contribute to empowering the ecosystem and these farmers to fight these challenges, through for example:

Financing with impact

It is safe to say that sustainability related products are here to stay. Rabobank is a cooperative bank involved in sustainability-oriented banking. Rabobank offers many sustainability related financing products, including Sustainability Linked Loans, Blended Finance solutions through work with the AGRI3 Fund, the Rabobank Impact Loan in the Netherlands, and more.

We are furthermore proud to be involved in the foundation of the Good Food Finance Network, which will build on and take forward the outcomes of the Finance Lever of the UN Food Systems Summit, through a process of collaborative multisectoral innovation.