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As a cooperative bank we want to contribute to positive change and we promote a more sustainable, inclusive society. We believe in the power of collaboration. Together with customers, members, employees and partners, as well as products, knowledge and networks – we work toward creating a better world for future generations. Take a look at our global impact and all our other results and reports.


Rabobank posts net result of EUR 4,377 million in 2023 and launches EUR 400 million in cooperative initiatives

In the context of increasing geopolitical tensions, historic interest rate hikes and a cooling economy, Rabobank's results were strong. A strong business performance helps the cooperative Rabobank to make a difference for society. In 2023, EUR 400 million was made available to help customers, members and employees in the Netherlands make the transition to a more sustainable future.


CEO Stefaan Decraene and CFO Bas Brouwers on the 2023 results and our societal impact


CFO Bas Brouwers explains more about the results achieved in the first half of 2023

Stefaan Decraene reflects


View the summarizing infographics of our Annual Results 2022 in the documents below. See more information on our downloads page.

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