Farmers in the field

Future of Food

Can we meet the increasing need for enough nutritious and affordable food for a growing world population? In ways that are both ecologically and economically sustainable, and respect people and nature? We think it is possible.

Rabobank is committed...

... to contribute to a future proof food system. That is a system that revolves around restoring balance and resilience: in nature, in farming and in business models. A system that can lead to make sustainably produced nutritious food affordable, available and accessible for most.

As a global bank, we aim to help Food and Agricultural businesses all over the world in their transition toward a more future proof food system by leveraging our innovative financial products, knowledge, and networks. We believe that the greatest contribution we can make is to finance, facilitate, and stimulate responsible food production and consumption. With clients and partners at every link in the food value chain Rabobank is well positioned to play its part.

Financial products

Our financial tools include sustainable loans, such as the Green Loan and the Sustainability-linked Loan. Additionally, Rabobank offers support through blended finance solutions, such as the AGRI3 Fund, and stimulates innovation through the Rabo F&A Innovation Fund.


A global team of RaboResearch food and agribusiness analysts, provides sector-specific insights covering everything from farm inputs to consumer foods. Rabobank also supports independent journalism in special reports and videos about Sustainable Food & Agriculture produced by the Financial Times.



To find joint solutions for the challenges at hand, we make meaningful connections to our trusted partners – from business, government, civil society and beyond. Through our global network FoodBytes!, we match innovators with investors and clients. It also provides a platform to help turn today’s new ideas and technologies into tomorrow’s solutions that create impactful and purposeful change.


We continuously search for and develop innovative new financial products and business models that marry economy and ecology. For example, Rabo Carbon Bank helps farmers in developed countries shift to regenerative agricultural practices. Additionally, through our Acorn program we enable smallholder farmers in developing and emerging regions to generate Carbon Removal Units.

Our heritage

Rabobank is a cooperative bank. Our founders recognized more than 125 years ago that the only way struggling farmers could truly thrive was being cooperative. Each one had their dreams and issues, but they couldn’t realize them alone. How then? They created a cooperative where members collaborate to overcome their larger-than-me-challenges. This has been our mission from the start: Growing a better world together. And it still is today.

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