A good start-up is half the work. Rabobank supports start-ups with funding, knowledge and networks. Read about innovation awards, hackathons and other incentives.

  • StartupDelta Summit 2018

    Rabobank is co-sponsoring the StartupDelta Summit 2018. The event that tells you all you need to know about start-up ecosystems in the Netherlands, how they work and how to fund them.

  • Rabobank mentors innovative talent: from coach to partner

    Startupbootcamp helps newcomers and established businesses to make progress.

  • Innovations for a sustainable food and agricultural sector

    Nominees for the Herman Wijffels Innovation Award 2016 in the Food & Agriculture Category

  • Smart innovations for better and more affordable care

    Nominees for the Herman Wijffels Innovation Award in the Vital Communities & Care Category

  • ‘We want to leave the world a better place’

    Nominees for the Herman Wijffels Innovation Award, Circular Economy Category

  • Fighting malnutrition with pre-chilled boxes

    Two students want to trigger widespread use of refrigerated transport in India

  • Putting an end to wasted fruit

    A wafer-thin filter can extend the life of fruits and vegetables.

  • "Best bank for startups"

    Rabobank is the bank with the highest position in Europe's 25 Corporate Startup Stars rankings.

  • What does Rabobank do for start-ups?

    Rabobank supports start-up entrepreneurs by providing access to knowledge, funding and networks.

  • One2Born: Alternative to brooding hens

    Winner of Herman Wijffels Innovation Award sees excellent market opportunities

  • Banking in blue jeans

    Dressed down in casual shirts, jeans and trainers, Edwin van de Wijngaard and Jeroen Brouwer don’t look like your typical bankers.

  • Lean meat, rich taste

    Adding vegetable proteins can make meat products not only healthier, but also tastier.

  • Care robot LEA, the seniors’ buddy

    Robot Care Systems builds smart personal assistant

  • An enterprising grandfather’s passion for innovation

    You can make sustainable paper and cardboard from agricultural waste.

  • Hotbeds of innovative talent

    Incubators are environments devoted to fostering innovative entrepreneurial talent – meeting places for like-minded people who share the same grand ambition of turning their idea into a reality.

  • Flashes of inspiration

    Sometimes brilliant ideas pop into one's head unexpectedly. Innovative entrepreneurs about their moment of inspiration.

  • Clever ideas from clever minds

    Winners of the Herman Wijffels Innovation Award turning a sustainable idea into a commercially successful innovation.

  • Keep taking the pills

    A chip that keeps track of when a pill is removed from the packaging helps patients not to forget to take their medications.

  • Share in helping start-ups get ahead

    In the Netherlands, the website helps starting entrepreneurs to find relevant information and get practical advice.

  • Waterless dyeing

    Dutch company DyeCoo devised a machine that dyes textiles without using any water. This marks a huge environmental improvement.