Future-proof agricultural value chains

Well-functioning food chains are key to ensuring sufficient and high-quality food for everyone. Chains in which farmers, horticulturists and fishermen and their suppliers, processers, traders and retailers work together optimally in order to serve consumers as well as possible. This is both good for the economic position of their companies and helps them make strides in the field of quality and sustainability.

Rabobank is active as a bank in every link within the chain, both in the Netherlands and internationally. We experience the interconnection within the chain every day and are able to reinforce it through financial solutions, knowledge and networks. We also put our knowledge and resources to work at global roundtables and consultation platforms for increasing the sustainability of the soy, palm oil, cane sugar, coffee, cocoa, dairy, forestry, seafood and beef chains. As Rabobank we are committed to sharing our knowledge in dialogue with clients and stakeholders. And we periodically refine our criteria for financing. This is how we as a bank help to further strengthen economic, environmental and social sustainability in agriculture and food chains – from seed to eat.

  • From the land

    About sectors that give us products from the land, such as cacao, coffee, grains, vegetables, palm oil, rice, sugar, flowers and plants.

  • From animals

    About sectors that give us animal products: eggs, milk, meat and fish.

Photo series: 'from farm to plate'

View our photo series covering the entire food chain: from berry to espresso, from bean to bonbon, from water plant to world food staple.