Rabobank’s charitable organisation since 1974

The Rabobank Foundation was set up forty years ago by the local Rabobanks. To this day they are still closely involved in the Foundation’s work. Each year the local Rabobanks contributes a part of their profits to the charitable activities of the Rabobank. Rabobank Netherlands then tops up the donations to a level equal to 0,5 percent of group profits. 

The Rabobank Foundation was set up when banking cooperatives Coöperatieve Centrale Raiffeisen Bank and Coöperatieve Centrale Boerenleenbank merged to form Rabobank. Prior to the merger both cooperatives already had their own charitable foundations. The Stichting 150 jaar Raiffeisen funded loan cooperatives in poor countries while at home it aided projects for the physically and mentally handicapped. The Stichting Ontwikkelingshulp door Boerenleenbanken aided projects in rural areas where Dutch emigrants lived, or where Dutch missionaries were active in the field.

Professional development aid organisation

The two charitable foundations merged in December 1973 to form the Stichting Steun Rabobanken (Rabobanks Aid Foundation). Its aim was to promote the cooperative vision of the Rabobank organisation by aiding projects at home and in developing countries. In 2002 the foundation’s name was changed to Rabobank Foundation, the name it had long been known by abroad. In forty years Rabobank Foundation has developed into a professional development aid organisation. The Foundation operates in no fewer than 25 countries, supporting some 200 different projects annually.

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Rabobank Foundation

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